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Loan Guidelines for Gas Station Property Financing  

Pre-qualifying Requirements:


  • Location must be in a high traffic area with proof of car counts above 25,000 per day and/or one million gallons of fuel pumped per year. No start-ups will be considered.

  • Management must have at least five (5) years experience running a gas station of similar size.

  • Station must be at least three (3) years old with debt service coverage of at least 1.25x in the latest year, current interim period and at least one of the prior two years

  • Must have a convenience store 2,000 sq. ft. or larger.

  • Must have a diverse revenue stream, not just a gas station. Acceptable revenue drivers are a car wash, ATM machine, deli, lottery and cigarette sales as well as beer and wine in states where it is legal for a gas station to carry these items.

  • Ideally, the station will have a franchise component with a food brand or vendor like Subway or Dunkin Donuts.

  • Canopy and fuel tanks must be less than ten years old.

  • Maximum LTV of 65%


Loan Size:                                            USDA: $250,000 – $5,000,000; SBA: $250,000 – $5,000,000


Eligible Locations:                              NATIONWIDE


Loan Term Amortization:                 USDA: Maximum 30 years; SBA: Maximum 25 years


Collateral:                                            First position mortgage as certified by title search and

                                                              title policy on property. First security interest under

                                                              UCC-1 on all business assets is generally required.


Loan Escrows:                                     The borrower may be required to contribute monthly to

                                                               an escrow account for real estate taxes and property



Appraisal:                                            Complete summary appraisal required.


Environmental:                                   Phase 1 with line and tank tightness tests required.


Eligible Principals:                              U.S. citizens, or permanent resident aliens. Majority

                                                              principal owners cannot be on probation or parole.


Recourse:                                            Every loan will be personally guaranteed by any

                                                              shareholder with 20% or more ownership in

                                                              the company.

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